Ep. #421: Hunting A Skyjacker w/ Eric Ulis


Eric Ulis unravels the evidence in his quest to determine who was D.B. Cooper and how he managed to successfully orchestrate the only unsolved skyjacking in United States history.



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One Reply to “Ep. #421: Hunting A Skyjacker w/ Eric Ulis”

  1. Soldier Fish Changed my name many years ago

    Dear Eric, My Dad was D B Cooper. His real name was Adrian Charles McInnis. Give me a call and I will blow you away with the truth 937 418 0617. You are correct – he did work for Boeing, as a draftsman on the 727 – He was also the Chief Pilot for Northwest Orient Airlines until they fired him for stopping his pilots from flying the Lockheed Electras which were falling out of the sky. You will be amazed. Larry McInnis

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