Jeremy is joined by Parabnormal News Correspondent Daniel Breuer for a night where anything goes!

Directions are not included.  You take us where you want to take us.

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2 Replies to “Ep. #451: DIRECTIONS NOT INCLUDED”

  1. Robert B. ELLIOTT

    No Jeremy, free rent for a year and a half, unemployment of $600.00 dollars a week plus state unemployment to those who have not paid in, and free food at every school. No the feds here are not helping the people at all. That is why our national debt is $30 trillion dollars and our unfunded liabilities is in excess of $300 trillion dollars. Don’t confuse the Canadians! JOE R. BIDEN is socialist to !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Jeremy Scott

      Robert, I was alluding to the benefits given to the people who stayed working. All we got was $3,200 total vs. $2,000/month in Canada as the caller was referring to. I was not referring to the endless benefits given to those who refused work or the breaks to those who did not pay their rent.

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