Sasquatch Caught On Camera Roaming Oregon Watersheds

(PARABNORMAL NEWS) — Sasquatch are normally known as elusive, stealth creatures, rarely allowing themselves to be filmed.

However, the remoteness of watersheds in the Pacific Northwest seem to be more attractive.  Trail cameras have captured beavers, otters, and minks over the years.

Recently though, a sasquatch was recorded on camera in the Portland, Oregon city limits crossing a bridge between two wetlands.

The city attributes the sighting to restoration work that has been done to improve the health of Portland’s rivers, streams, and natural areas.

“Restored natural areas within our city have seen the return of many native plants and animal species, such as salmon,” said Danny Kapsch, a stormwater and restoration specialist.  “But now we can truly see how well our restoration projects are working with this rare sighting – since Sasquatch are typically only seen in healthy natural areas.”

The city is not releasing the exact location of the sighting to protect Bigfoot.

Oh, and by the way… April Fools!

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