Rocket Remains Crash Down To Earth

(PARABNORMAL NEWS) — Space junk is raining down on Earth big time of late.

Debris from a Chinese rocket crashed uncontrolled last Saturday over the Indian Ocean, landing in Southeast Asia.  Many in the space community have criticized Chinese space officials for letting their rocket boosters become big chunks of space junk and a lack of warning.

The next night, a metallic orb fell out of the sky in the Gulf of Mexico.  Witnesses say it made a sound as it came down.  The orb reportedly contained a secret code.

Credit: Isidro Cano

SpaceX confirms that debris from one of their rockets crashed on a farm in New South Wales in early July.  Dr. Brad Tucker visited the site, which he says had the largest pieces of space junk found in Australia in more than 40 years.

Meanwhile, scientists have estimated the chance of casualties from falling rocket parts over the next ten years is small with rocket bodies more likely to land in Indonesia, Bangladesh and Nigeria.

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