Now Available: “Cobb & McCoy: Taken On A UFO”

“Into The Parabnormal” presents, “Cobb & McCoy: Taken On A UFO“, an album of original songs featuring some of the most notable UFO and abduction cases of our time including our three theme songs composed, produced and performed by Johnny Cobb and Jerry McCoy.

The album is now available for digital download featuring the following songs:

  1. Fire In The Sky (Travis Walton Story) 03:14
  2. Lost Time Highway (Betty & Barney Hill Story) 03:10
  3. Black Water, Blue Moon (Calvin Parker Story) 02:55
  4. Roswell 03:16
  5. Rendlesham 03:01
  6. The Phoenix Lights 2:22
  7. Into The Parabnormal Original Theme 01:32
  8. Into The Parabnormal 2nd Theme 1:11
  9. Into The Parabnormal Instrumental Theme 01:37

The album is available in our store for $5.00. Your purchase helps support our creation of original music for the UFO community. Thank you for the support.

“Cobb & McCoy: Taken On A UFO” | Into The Parabnormal Store

Hear a sample of the album:

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