“Into The Parabnormal” Ranked #1 Paranormal Podcast, 3rd Most Popular Show By TalkStreamLive

Listeners worldwide have made their voices heard by gracing “Into The Parabnormal” with our highest streaming numbers to date.

TalkStreamLive ranks our show the #1 podcast on their Paranormal Radio platform based on number of plays and the 3rd most popular show for 2022.

In one year, we went from the 5th most-listened to podcast in 2021 all the way to the top spot, while our stream was 4th last year and moved up one position in 2022.

“We are humbled by this recognition and can’t thank you enough for being loyal to us and spreading the world.  Here’s to many more years of opening minds of the masses… somewhere between abnormal and paranormal,” said host Jeremy Scott.

Thank you again to Bill Frees Media and Talk Stream Live for their continued support of the program!

Source: The Paranormal 13

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