Artemis 1 Prepares For Launch After Surviving Two Hurricanes

PARABNORMAL NEWS — After more than two and a half months of delays, NASA’s Artemis 1 rocket is headed to the Moon.

Although they’ve faced challenges including those from Tropical Storm Nicole after being left out on the launch pad, the team is confident the rocket will launch this time as early as Wednesday, November 16th.

“Right now, there’s nothing preventing us from getting to the 16th,” said Jim Free, Associate Administrator of NASA’s Exploration Systems Development Mission Directorate.

The vehicle was moved back to the launch pad last week after being in the Vehicle Assembly Building at Kennedy Space Center for maintenance since late September.

“We decided to stay at the pad. We had predictions then that the storm, the winds were gonna be high, but still within our certification limits,” Free added.

The first two launches were called off and Artemis survived Hurricane Ian last month.

“We’ve been able to protect the rocket from the hurricane. And we’ve been able to get into our inspections and make repairs”, said Cliff Lanham, Senior Vehicle Operations Manager of the NASA’s Exploration Ground Systems Program about the brush with Ian.

This mission will not have a crew. It is the first in NASA’s Artemis program to explore the moon and land humans near the lunar south pole in 2025 or 2026 and to establish a sustainable human presence by the end of the decade.

You can watch NASA’s live coverage here:

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