Unidentified Lights Reported By Canadian Flight Crews

PARABNORMAL NEWS — Air traffic control conversations in the Northwest Territories of Canada document unidentified white lights seen by a crew aboard a Canadian North flight approaching the city of Yellowknife around 11:15 p.m. on January 29th.

“We’re looking at two lights dancing around here to the east of your field,” a pilot says.

The lights were reported to the tower to be moving in a “circular pattern”. The flight deck reported they did not see it on their traffic collision avoidance system.

“We just didn’t know what it was if you guys had it pinged on radar,” the crew stated.

“No, we’ve got nothing. That’s quite strange,” the controller says back.

It was not the only one of late. Unusual lights moving erratically at 40,000 feet and higher were noted by a flight crew near Nova Scotia a week later. There were nearly a dozen similar reports from pilots throughout Canada last year.

Sources: 1) Pilots reported mysterious lights ‘dancing’ over Yellowknife last month, 2) ‘We’re not crazy’: Listen to a flight report unusual lights near Yellowknife in January

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