Coherent Radio Signal Discovered From Possibly Habitable Planet

PARABNORMAL NEWS — A “coherent” radio signal from a planet that could have magnetic fields and is more likely to be habitable has been recorded.

The repeating radio signal coming from a star about 12 light years away that’s orbited by a rocky planet known as YZ Ceti b seems to be affected by the planet.

Radio waves appear to be generated when the star interacts with the planets’ magnetic field.

Researchers J. Sebastian Pineda at the University of Colorado Boulder and Jackie Villadsen from Bucknell University describe the effect as similar to the northern lights, which happens when high energy particles from the Sun interact with Earth’s atmosphere.

If extraterrestrial life should happen to exist on this planet, it would need to be protected by a magnetic field.

Their paper is published in Nature Astronomy.

Source: Coherent radio bursts from known M-dwarf planet-host YZ Ceti

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