Ep. #629: HUNGER GAMES – CLIMATE WARS w/ David DuByne & Tom Harris

Headline after headline claims we are in a climate emergency caused by man and it’s impacting the food supply. While eye-catching, is there any truth to it?

Jeremy welcomes David DuByne and Tom Harris to discuss the agenda behind misleading news on climate change being circulated and how the effect on our food is nothing more than a cycle.



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One Reply to “Ep. #629: HUNGER GAMES – CLIMATE WARS w/ David DuByne & Tom Harris”

  1. Robert

    What about the US army’s claim to congress for more money to fund research on controlling the worlds weather for which they state they will be able to do by 2035.. Congress questioned ethics of this research for which was contended necessary to control climate change.
    As if changing the direction of waterways paving and building on hills, lakefronts tearing down forests and wetlands to pave over for urban sprawl using dark heat creating surfaces which change the temperatures of natural airflows over around and through these areas changing weather drastically enough we now have the US controlling clouds by spraying some 74 poison concoctions and using mid atmospheric vibrational machines to move, slow, speed, up and change airflows, intensities, temperatures, directions, and content of these clouds into storms that destroy and mess with natures fury. Why would anyone think they can successfully change the perfection of nature. THE USA MUST ABANDON THIS DANGEROUS SCIENCE IMMEDIATELY. NO EXCEPTIONS. Those that are unwilling should be charged under Nuremburg Law (Crimes Against Humanity)

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