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    Ep. #226: Chad C. Meek | Gary Parker

    Why are people being abducted from around a giant rock in California’s Mojave Desert? We’ll investigate with Chad C. Meek. Are there hidden messages in ancient archaeology? Gary Parker shares the alien message he discovered written beside the Great Pyramid found on NASA’s website and what it means. Gary tells us about the July 26th connection and what an alien visitation revealed Father Mike Paraniuk from St. Mary Catholic Church in Hillsboro, Ohio gives insight on Mother Mary’s apocalyptic warning of 100 years ago in regards to a theory that an asteroid that just whizzed by us is the final sign. Plus Jeremy talks about a claim from conspiracy theorists that UFO investigators are being murdered at a rate of more than one per month.

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    Ep. #225: Chuck Bergman | Jacqueline Davieau

    Chuck Bergman enlightens us on the unlimited possibilities of what we face after our release from the physical world. We also spoke with Jacqueline Davieau about communicating with her deceased son and what happens after death along with some of her paranormal investigations. Jeremy also shared a few headlines that’ll make you chuckle, talked about a comet streaking across the sky and those experiences where life flashes before your eyes.

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    Ep. #224: Kathleen Marden | Caroline Cory

    We discuss the first documented alien abduction of Betty and Barney Hill in 1961 with Betty’s niece, Kathleen Marden. Experiencer and researcher Denise Stoner joined us for a segment to share her abduction recollections and what she has learned from interviewing abductees. We delve even deeper into the science behind extraterrestrial contact with Caroline Cory. Plus Jeremy enlightens us on a feud over the authenticity of video of a claimed alien autopsy from Roswell and asks is Japan preparing its citizens for disclosure?

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    We hear from real people with true stories of the paranormal. Eugene Braxton chatted about Planet X and the weird stuff that happens when we’re alone, John Jeter from Parabnormal News discussed the Gray Man and a Bigfoot experience while hunting, Joe Rupe of Lighting The Void shared witnessing a star do some weird stuff after dabbling in the occult, G.G. from Shift Happens recounted an experience of missing time, Dave Cruz shared an experience in a haunted house, and Rich Giordano told of a doppelganger and left us with a creepy voice that could cause nightmares. Plus, Jeremy talks about the end of the world prediction from David Meade and we replay part of a conversation with Meade talking Planet X and our demise.

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    Ep. #222: Peter Robbins | Sean Bartok

    Peter Robbins discusses his work in ufology, the Brooklyn Bridge UFO abductions, Travis Walton, Debbie Jordan and Betty and Barney Hill. We also talked about the deaths of those involved in investigating the phenomenon and alien-UFO imagery in advertising. Sean Bartok shares intimate details of his family’s alien abduction experiences including documented prints in the snow. Jeremy talks about how Facebook, Google and others are listening to our every move and that’s not so innocent. Also, insider information on a deadly crash of secret military aircraft in the Nevada desert.

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    Ep. #221: Darren Evans | Christopher Garetano

    Jeremy talks about the signs that this Monday’s total solar eclipse is one big scam and a misdirection act. Paranormal researcher Darren Evans introduces us to the evil force known as “Zozo” that he channeled with an Ouija board.  We talk about some of the theories on what it is, and he tells us of the effects it has had on him and many others. Filmmaker and investigator Christopher Garetano talks about The Montauk Project involving secret government experiments at Camp Hero in Montauk, Long Island and takes us inside his new series, “The Dark Files”.

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    Ep. #220: Dr. Irena Scott | Ken Pfeifer

    Dr. Irena Scott talks about investigating UFO’s from a scientific approach, identifying aircraft, visiting Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, hoaxers, the story of a Deputy Sheriff who saw alien bodies at Roswell. MUFON investigator Ken Pfeifer shares UFO case files of sightings in Oregon, Iowa, Wyoming and England.  And we discuss the case of the Portland UFO sighting from April 26, 2017 that seems to have mysteriously disappeared from record. Jeremy also discussed the eclipse, a study linking out-of-body experiences to ear problems, and dressing up as a Bigfoot.

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    Ep. #219: Mark O’Connell| Dr. Laurin Bellg

    Mark O’Connell, the official biographer of Dr. J Allen Hynek shares Hynek’s life story. Dr. Laurin Bellg talks about her work with patients who have had near-death experiences. Also, the passing of Jim Marrs, a shock fireball video, NASA hiring a planetary protection officer and more.