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    Ep. #190: Richard Brown | Dina Rae

    Richard Brown shares the revelation he says he was given from God and his angels that he was the Branch, a prophetic name for Jesus Christ. We cover alien genetic coding, the Hitler/Nazi alien connection, end of days, New World Order, JFK’s assassination and more with Dina Rae. Jeremy ties in the alien DNA to abductions and makes the connection to research on alien breeding.

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    Ep. #189: Keith Linder | Lisa Moulden | Peter Robbins

    We do justice to Keith Linder’s story about his haunted Washington state property and get closer to the bottom of this mystery. Keith reveals the source of writings on his walls and we discuss the link to Native American heritage. Lisa Moulden claims she captured a picture of George Washington’s ghost at Middleton Tavern in Maryland. She also reaches inside the souls of our presidents and discusses ghostly happenings in Ellicott City, Maryland. Peter Robbins reacts to developments with an Air Force officer revealing himself as a witness to the Rendlesham Forest Incident in 1980.

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    Ep. #188: Chase Kloetzke & Kerry McClure

    We talk about the things that are not supposed to exist and more with Chase Kloetzke and Kerry McClure. Jeremy reveals more of the AI takeover, more booming and shaking, sexy UFO’s, phobias, and was Fidel Castro a victim of the Clinton body count?

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    Ep. #187: D.B. Stearns

    D.B. Stearns talks standardized tuning and the pyramids in relationship to a story of good vs. evil locked in a multidimensional war for the ultimate control of the universe. He also told of his neighbor defending his property and the legal battle that has ensued. Jeremy revisits the clown craze and entertains what Hillary Clinton being denied the White House might mean for ET/UFO disclosure.

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    Ep. #186: Jack Brewer

    We explore how deception, sensationalism and questionable ethics characterize the UFO genre and distort public perception of the phenomenon with Jack Brewer. He also told of a childhood sighting of a spinning v-shaped object in North Carolina. Jeremy touches on what’s ahead for space exploration with a new President elect.

  • Thumbnail for Ep. #185: Parabnormal Halloween w/ Brandon Callahan & Dr. David Newman

    Ep. #185: Parabnormal Halloween w/ Brandon Callahan & Dr. David Newman

    More Halloween foolery is on tap with part two of Jeremy’s ‘Parabnormal Halloween’ extravaganza. Brandon Callahan takes us to the northeast corner of Oklahoma at the end of the Trail of Tears, where one of the world’s largest clusters of ley lines intersect and there’s a place of extreme paranormal activity. Dr. David Newman discusses spiritual regression and progression, living in a haunted house, what the spirit world is like and how his work has changed his perception of death, ghosts, and hauntings.

  • Thumbnail for Ep. #184: Parabnormal Halloween w/ Adrian Lee & Rick Kueber

    Ep. #184: Parabnormal Halloween w/ Adrian Lee & Rick Kueber

    It’s Jeremy’s three-hour ‘Parabnormal Halloween’ extravaganza with plenty of haunted stories. Adrian Lee takes us on a compelling tour of the Midwest’s most haunted historical sites that will send shivers down your spine as he recovers history from the lips of the dead. Rick Kueber returns to share the story of meeting a possessed entity head-on at abandoned house deep in the wilds of the Appalachian Mountains.

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    Ep. #183: Joshua Cutchin

    Joshua Cutchin analyzes the food and drink offered by aliens, faeries and Sasquatch. We also discuss smells associated with the paranormal. Jeremy begins the program talking about an escalation in cyberattacks, what the ultimate goal may be and the widespread effects.