Ep. #207: Gary Campbell & John Jeter



Could the Loch Ness Monster be real?  And where have the sightings gone?  Also, we’ll learn about the legend of the Gray Man.  Jeremy educates us first on a very disturbing trend.  What’s going on right under our nose?  Is it preparations for something?  And if that doesn’t scare you enough, just wait until the end!

Nessie sightings date back to 565 A.D., but it wasn’t brought to worldwide attention until 1933.  Gary Campbell and his wife have tracked every single one of those reports.  They live in Scotland and he works for the University of the Highlands and Islands.  Gary had no interest in Nessie until he saw something in Loch Ness in March 1996.  He has tracked nearly 1,100 reports on the Official Loch Ness Monster Sightings Registrar.

Gary will detail his sighting and some of the countless others and tell us what he makes of a current drought in sightings being reported.


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The Gray Man is a being that appears to warn of hurricanes along the Carolina Coast and then mysteriously vanishes.  We’ll discuss the legend with John Jeter, host of “Parabnormal News”, who had a chilling encounter with the Gray Man right before Hurricane Floyd in 1999.

In the newscast at the bottom of the hour: X-Files renewed, mothman, dark matter, the vanishing river and more.

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