Ep. #195: Parabnormal Pandemonium

January 21, 2017 Jeremy Scott 0

PODCAST | SUBSCRIBE HERE We heard from you on Parabnormal Pandemonium with your real-life experiences, stories and theories.  Also Jeremy talks conspiracy involving mysterious illnesses affecting […]

Ep. #194: David Meade – Planet X

January 14, 2017 Jeremy Scott 2

Is Planet X the most important story of the century? Is 2017 the year that the elusive planet will arrive and what does that mean for human civilization? Also, what’s Facebook doing reading our minds and some even wilder stories.

Ep. #187: D.B. Stearns

November 19, 2016 Jeremy Scott 0

PODCAST | SUBSCRIBE HERE D.B. Stearns talks self-defense, violence, standardized tuning and the pyramids in relationship to a story of good vs. evil locked in a […]

Ep. #186: Jack Brewer

November 12, 2016 Jeremy Scott 0

PODCAST | SUBSCRIBE HERE We explore how deception, sensationalism and questionable ethics characterize the UFO genre and distort public perception of the phenomenon with researcher and […]

Ep. #184: Adrian Lee, Rick Kueber

October 29, 2016 Jeremy Scott 2

PODCAST | SUBSCRIBE HERE It’s a three-hour extravaganza with part one of Jeremy’s ‘Parabnormal Halloween’ special.  We’ll talk with paranormal investigators Adrian Lee and Rick Kueber.  […]