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  • Jeremy Scott Guests On “Beyond The Tin Foil Hat”

    Jeremy Scott makes a guest appearance on "Beyond The Tin Foil Hat" hosted by The Experiencer Support Association.  We discuss UFO contact, disclosure, COVID-19 conspiracies and more.

  • Ep. #357: From Malmstrom to D.C. w/ Robert Salas

    Robert Salas details a 1967 encounter with a UFO that targeted nuclear weapons at Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana while he was commander and we’ll discuss his campaign for Congress in California.

  • Ep. #348: Disclosure – Hindsight 2020 w/ Stephen Bassett

    Stephen Bassett has the latest developments on UFO/ET disclosure and Jeremy looks at some recent news that makes him wonder.

  • UAP: For Real

    Jeremy reports on significant developments regarding military encounters with what the Navy now officially refers to as unidentified aerial phenomenon and the aftermath of "Storm Area 51".

  • Ep. #324: UFO Crash Discourse w/ Lon Strickler & Jeremy Meador

    Jeremy states why we are living in the age of disclosure of the alien and ufo phenomena. Lon Strickler examines the stories of experiencers who are exposing the reality of an alien disclosure. Jeremy Meador discusses his research into cases of flying saucer crashes, collisions and landings.

  • Ep. #312: Stanton Friedman Tribute

    A tribute to the late nuclear physicist and ufologist Stanton Friedman including classic interviews, stories and your memories. Plus Jeremy ties together all the latest "disclosure" news.

  • Ep. #307: Glenn Kreisberg | Ethan Siegel

    What is the Navy really up to? Can you see the connection to all these "disclosure" leaks? And Jeremy has been censored. Glenn Kreisberg decodes the ancient cultural stone landscapes of the Northeast. We’ll delve deep into a black hole and the first-ever photo of one with Ethan Siegel.

  • Ep. #289: Sharon Daphna | Stephen Bassett

    Weather modification programs, chemtrails, how orgone energy is the solution to ending geoengineering, the UFO secrets that died with George H.W. Bush, and international disclosure efforts.

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