NASA To Probe Domes On The Moon

(PARABNORMAL NEWS) — NASA plans to visit domes on the moon and study them for 10 days as part of the Artemis mission.

The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter confirmed the domes were formed by eruptions of lava.  The space agency says it’s a lunar mystery and geologic enigma.

On Earth, volcanoes are formed by liquid water and plate tectonics.  But that’s lacking on the Moon, so scientists are wondering how the domes formed.

Instruments on a lander and rover will study their makeup and composition to help better understand the history of our own planet and other planets in the solar system along with shaping future robotic and human explorations.

NASA is also sending yeast organisms to the lunar surface for observation on how it survives under partial Earth gravity and when exposed to heavy deep space radiation, paying special attention to changes in their biological processes.

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