Double Crater & Debris Found On The Moon

(PARABNORMAL NEWS) —  A crater has been found on the Moon.  It’s believed to be from a rocket booster that slammed into the far side of the Moon in early March.

NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter found the crash site and took pictures of it, which revealed not just one crater, but two.  A double crater is a somewhat unusual find.

Astronomer Bill Gray discovered the object and predicted its demise in January.  He first thought it was a SpaceX upper stage rocket, but NASA countered saying the trajectory shouldn’t have taken the booster anywhere near the Moon.

After reevaluating the find, it was determined to be the upper stage of China’s Chang’e 5-T1 mission from 2014.

Then China’s Foreign Minister claimed it was not theirs saying the booster deorbited and crashed into the ocean shortly after launch.

So the mystery remains, although Gray is still convinced it came from China saying they confused it with another launch.

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