Canada Opens New Study On UFOs

PARABNORMAL NEWS — Canada is studying UFOs again after nearly 30 years. A document reportedly leaked from an anonymous government official to CTV News details the goals of the Sky Canada Project, operated by the Office of the Chief Science Advisor.

The study reportedly seeks to understand how UAP sightings are handled and offer recommendations and is scheduled for less than a year with a public report due in 2024.

Recently, pilots reported a series of unidentified lights that avoided radar earlier this year. And the prime minister authorized the U.S. to shoot down an unidentified object over Canada’s Yukon territory last month.

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The Canadian government investigated UFOs and collected sighting reports from 1950 to 1995. The document mentions they are now years behind the U.S.

Source: Document reveals first known Canadian UFO study in nearly 30 years now underway


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