Ep. #603: GREY AREA w/ Robert Treat

The alien abduction experience has been widely reported yet is often excluded from the UFO discussion. Abductees say they’re often taken against their will, experimented on and provided with some knowledge from the greys.

Jeremy welcomes Robert Treat who opens up about his life of abductions by non-human entities of various forms.



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5 Replies to “Ep. #603: GREY AREA w/ Robert Treat”

  1. Victoria

    Im a hybrid . I commend you for coming foward . Its very brave . To many ppl have called me crazy . I was told by them im a hybrid . I also met a hybrid child that was to e.t. to live on earth .He is my son . I didnt have a bad experience . They have been quite loving to me .

  2. Victoria lynn Snaza

    This gets me so emotional . I cant help but love them my family my true family. Your so brave for telling your story . I appreciate you thank you .

  3. Victoria lynn Snaza

    This man is telling 100% the truth wow most accurate depiction of the facts i ever heard . This is so refreshing for me finally someone who knows what its like to have these experiences . Much love to you beloved .

  4. Victoria lynn Snaza

    Hes a hybrid . A humalien . The mantis is lovely i had a female one who was lovely i love her and all them my true family . Im gonns cry .

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