House Oversight Committee Holds UAP Hearing Against Pentagon’s Wishes

In this special report, Jeremy breaks down the UAP hearing in Congress, why it could have been staged and the possibility of this being a disinformation campaign as part of the UFO cover-up.

PARABNORMAL NEWS — For the second time this year, Congress held a hearing on unidentified anomalous phenomenon on Wednesday after the Pentagon reportedly stood in the way of witnesses testifying.

The Subcommittee on National Security, the Border, and Foreign Affairs scheduled the hearing for July 26th at 10:00 a.m. in Washington D.C.

Representative Tim Burchett, a sitting member on the committee, confirmed the hearing with a post on Twitter on July 17th.

“We have the Pentagon pushing against us, calling some of our witnesses, telling them you know ‘don’t go testify before this committee’. If we have to, we’ll use the power of subpoena. We’ll bring ’em in there and make ’em tell the truth,” Burchett told NewsNation.

The hearing comes following the claims of whistleblower David Grusch, a former intelligence officer who served on the UAP Task Force. He told NewsNation and The Debrief that they were denied access to a crash retrieval program that has been covered-up.

Three witnesses testified:

  • Ryan Graves, Executive Director, Americans for Safe Aerospace
  • Rt. Commander David Fravor, Former Commanding Officer, Black Aces Squadron, U.S. Navy
  • David Grusch, Former National Reconnaissance Officer Representative, Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena Task Force, Department of Defense

Graves and Fravor, both retired military pilots, have spoken about their encounters while serving in the U.S. Navy.

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Since Grusch’s allegations, full funding has been secured for the All-Domain Anomaly Resolution Office, legislation has been passed requiring those who have worked for the federal government to come forward with material or information relating to UAP, and a bill has been introduced to declassify U.S. government documents on UFOs.

This was the third Congressional hearing since May of 2022.

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