Sun spits out largest solar flare in years

PARABNORMAL NEWS — A monster solar flare that erupted from the Sun on Thursday is one of the largest ever recorded according to the Space Weather Prediction Center.

The X2.8 flare may have also been accompanied by a plasma eruption known as a Coronal Mass Ejection that was directed at Earth, knocking out radio frequencies across the country and interfering with flight communications.

X-class flares are the strongest of classifications. This is the biggest flare since 2017 and the most intense of the current Solar Cycle 25. It was captured on video by NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory spacecraft.

“Flares and solar eruptions can impact radio communications, electric power grids, navigation signals, and pose risks to spacecraft and astronauts”, NASA stated.

Just days earlier, the results of a study by Lancaster University were released that warns flares can cause glitches on railways by fouling up electrical circuits that control the signals which could result in a malfunction and potentially a crash.

Another recent study at the Center of Excellence in Space Sciences India found that solar maximum could occur as soon as next month, much earlier than predicted.

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