“The Phoenix Lights” song debuts on the sighting’s 27th anniversary

The Phoenix Lights goes down in history as one of the classic UFO cases of all time. It was witnessed by thousands of people in several states on the night of March 13th, 1997.

27 years later, INTO THE PARABNORMAL has released an original song as a tribute to the events. “The Phoenix Lights” was composed, produced and performed by Johnny Cobb and Jerry McCoy with digital mastering and audio production by Jeremy Scott.

“We wanted to do a song that included Jeremy and instead of writing lyrics, we had the concept of doing it like the audio segments that are a part of his broadcasts,” Cobb and McCoy stated.

“The Phoenix Lights” is available on the “Cobb & McCoy: Taken On A UFO” album as a digital download from our store.

The album features original songs about some of the most notable UFO and abduction cases of our time.

“We just couldn’t leave out the Phoenix Lights,” said Cobb and McCoy.

“Cobb & McCoy: Taken On A UFO” | Into The Parabnormal Store

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