AARO adds UAP videos to its website

PARABNORMAL NEWS — The Pentagon’s UAP office has added declassified military videos of UFOs to its website that had previously been released to the public.

The eight videos include the Flir, Gimbal and GoFast cases from the Navy, all of which are classified “unresolved”.

A Navy fighter jet’s flyby of an unknown object in 2021 that was shown during the May 2022 UAP hearing in Congress is also “unresolved”.

This video from the Middle East taken in 2022 shown in the April 2023 hearing remains unidentified.

The rest of the videos include two from South Asia from January 2023 that were also shown at last April’s hearing which AARO says were likely of a commercial aircraft.

The final one from the western United States was shown during the May 2023 meeting of NASA’s UAP study team. The office says those objects were three commercial aircraft.

The All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO) was created in July of 2022 as part of the National Defense Authorization Act which also mandated that Congress have a website to post UAP evidence and give witnesses a way to report their sightings.

The office says it welcomes any “current or former U.S. Government employees, service members, or contractor personnel with direct knowledge of U.S. Government programs or activities related to UAP dating back to 1945” to come forward.

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